Company Information

Mobinus Inc., Leading Trends With Ideas and Technology


The initial M was drawn with a single stroke to express a three-dimensional and refined feeling.
A section of the line overlaps to express the infinite symbol(∞) in order to express Mobinus' infinite possibilities.

CI color

  • Orange : Passion

    CMYK Color : C 0 M 68 Y 95 K 0

    RGB color : R 243 G 116 B 41

  • Grey : Stability

    CMYK Color : C 16 M 10 Y 13 K 26

    RGB color : R 166 G 170 B 169


  • English horizontal logo

  • English horizontal logo

Korean logo

Brand Identity

'RAON' is a Korean word for 'Joy', and it was combined with the word Fitness to express "Joyful Exercise".
Through 'RAONFIT', Mobinus provides various sports equipment and contents to make exercising fun.

Brand logo